Kids may be small but they can make a big difference

Kids may be small but they can make a big difference. As the Founder of PEP! The Pet Education Project, it's my mission to educate kids on respect and responsibility for their pets. Caring for a pet is a valuable lesson that can enrich kids as they grow older. When kids learn to properly care for their pets by being responsible for something that is more vulnerable than themselves, it instills empathy and nurtures the bond between the child and their pet. Sadly, many kids view pets as toys; and when a child gets bored with a toy they simply throw it away. This burden of caring for the pet often falls on the parents but the true burden falls on the animal. 
Owner surrenders and overpopulation contribute to over 6,000 animals are euthanized each day in the United States. Pets are surrendered into shelters for many reasons including kids becoming bored with and not caring for them. My approach to educating kids on pet care is to make it fun and challenging. Raising a pet is a huge responsibility and the daily tasks that come along with it should be divided between the entire family! Rotating tasks like walking, brushing, cleaning the litter box, and feeding can help keep things exciting and fresh. Also, consider setting up a rewards chart in your home for every pet care task completed by your children.
Pet care can be fun if you choose the right pet for you and your family! Always research the breed of your pet before adopting or shopping. Owner/ breed compatibility is key to making everyone happy and building lasting relationships. Be sure to check out our website to learn about our programs, books, and magazines to teach kids responsible pet ownership. We also offer videos for kids on our youtube and channel @ilovepep. 

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