Some cool advice from our friends at WufSter

WufSter is a dog walking pet service bred in the greater Hoboken, NJ area. They’re more than pet care experts. They’re lovers of animals, lovers of exercise, lovers of orange, and lovers of life.

The owner, Martin, believes there are three key actions that produce a happy life: staying active, being healthy and loving dogs. He created WufSter for dog lover’s and their dogs’ happiness. 

WufSter recognizes that just like humans, dogs can pack a lot of personality. Part of the WufSter personality is being obsessed with the color orange. Seriously - obsessed. Don’t believe us? Check out their Instagram: @wufster

They live and breathe the idea that a balanced, healthy, and awesome life for your pet is right outside your front door. That idea of balance trickles down throughout everything they do (exceppppt for colors; WufSter orange is pretty much it with these guys.) Back to balance - they have their own dog walk style called the WufSter Walk that has balance at it’s core.

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