The Story of Shauna and Brownie

When we heard about the following story, our hearts just melted.

In honor of all the hard-working mothers out there and since Mother's Day is just around the corner, we have decided to dedicate this week's newsletter to Shauna and Brownie. For most people expecting for the second time with a human toddler running around the house is a stressful enough scenario. But for expecting mother Shauna Sullivan this all changed when she made aware of expecting dog, Brownie.

Westbury CARE rescued Brownie from the streets of Houston undernourished and expecting, and needed a home. After some deliberation, Shauna decided that she would open her home to Brownie and her puppies.

Shauna says: I think more people need to be aware that simply fostering one animal is not just saving a life, but a rewarding experience in itself.

Read their story below:

Brownie's Maternity Photo Shoot

"I wanted to give Brownie a maternity photo shoot. She was a little shy." - Shauna

We think it turned out great and such a good idea.




 8 puppies are born 

Brownie did it! How cute are the names?
Shauna: The names were a collaborative effort from friends and family. My husband is an Ohio Buckeyes fan and so we, of course, had to include a namesake. The names subject to change by the rescue group, and, of course, the adopting families.  


Food for 8

The puppies are growing every day!

Shauna: I have no idea how they are all fitting around the breakfast table. Amazing Brownie is doing a fantastic job!





Living with 9 dogs 

With a toddler, one on the way, and 9 dogs where does Shauna get the energy?

Shauna: Haha I don't even know! I will admit, sometimes I wake up and want to cry knowing I have to clean up puppy poop for an hour. But the best answer is mind over matter, I can do this. So inspiring! You are a rock star!



Thank you, Shauna and Brownie, for sharing your story with us. If you would like to support Shauna and more stories like this, please consider donating to Westbury Care in Houston.

Any amount helps. If you have the ability to donate - we encourage to donate here.

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