Atticus' Own Super Salmon Green Chews

Atticus' Own Super Salmon Green Yummies Dog Treats

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Atticus' Own Super Salmon Green Yummies are filled with goodness for your best friend:

  • Spirulina -  has more Vitamin B12 than beef liver - contains 65% more protein than beef - more Iron than spinach - more beta carotene than carrots - a full range of antioxidants and minerals!
  • Moringa - has more Vitamin A than carrots - double the Calcium of milk - triple the Potassium of bananas - six times the Vitamin C of oranges!
  • Glucosamine may increase mobility in dogs and cats suffering from arthritis; some even report that it reduces their pet's pain.
  • Chrondroitin is often found with Glucosamine because it helps support healthy cartilage.
  • Take daily for optimal health
  • Good for cats as well! 

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